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Enterprise Network & System Services

Today's demanding business requirements rely heavily on a robust and reliable technology infrastructure to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

Presidia can help your business build and manage highly available and secure networks to ensure the successful deployment and operation of their applications and communications.

From minor system troubleshooting to complete network evaluation and upgrades, our team of highly experienced and certified consultants provides valuable solutions to match your technology needs.

Service Offerings

 LAN/WAN Network Connectivity

 Wireless Connectivity

 Enterprise Mail & Web Server Solutions

 Back-end Server Solutions & Integration

 Remote Access & Management Solutions

 Real-time Network Monitoring

Network Security Services

With the explosion of our global society, data retrieval and access to real-time information has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact. The Internet is a marvelous technology advancing many standards of daily operation, however as more and more commuters enter the superhighway more and more concern needs to be invested into a strong security model.

When you connect to the Internet, there are three elements put at risk: data, resource, and reputation. Running the risk of intrusion without a secure infrastructure could leave potential of being "hacked," which could result in detrimental consequences.

Presidia will help define a solution that will protect the number one asset: your business.

Service Offerings

 Firewall & Access Control Solutions

 Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

 Authentication Solutions

 Intrusion Detection Solutions

 Anti-virus & Malware Protection Solutions

 Network Security Best Practice Strategy & Planning

 Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Analysis

 Digital Forensics Analysis

IT Infrastructure Planning & Design

Today's networks have evolved into business critical tools that are vital to the health and success of businesses in our global society. With the widespread adoption of the Internet and the overwhelming demand for real-time data access and communication, there is an unprecedented need to plan, design, and deploy reliable, secure, and scalable networks that exceed user demand and match financial budget constraints.

Network engineering designs and solutions must account for the varying business aspects and requirements starting from the local area network (LAN), on through the core and edge networks, and to the wide area network (WAN) connections.

Presidia will help define and plan a technology infrastructure that matches your business objectives.

Service Offerings

 Network & Systems Assessment Services

 Local & Wide Area Network Design

 Hardware & Software Integration Planning

 Network Optimization & Capacity Planning

 Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

 IT Security Policy Planning

 End-User Requirements Evaluation & Assessment

 Data Center Physical Environment Design & Planning

Project Management & CIO Services

Information Technology (IT) systems can help to create competitive advantage for your business, by improving customer service, accelerating time to market for new products or services and reducing operational costs by automation of tasks. Stable systems that are securely available to local and remote workers are the foundation of operating a highly productive and effective business.

Making the right technology decisions is a complex task and navigating through the wide range of hardware and software choices can be overwhelming.

Presidia has the technical expertise to help your business build a robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure.

Service Offerings

 Business & Technology Strategy Planning

 Network & System Asset Management

 Hardware & Software Vendor Selection

 IT Security Policy Implementation

 Technology Leadership & Management Services

 Project Development & Management Services

Technical Training Services

Designing, deploying, and managing a network and systems infrastructure is a complex task requiring highly skilled and trained resources. Today's information technology era has transformed every aspect of how we communicate, interact, and perform daily business operations.

Ensuring your associates at all levels of your organization are properly trained on the technology solutions empowering your business is vital to the success and efficiency of production and operations.

Presidia has the technical expertise to train and instruct your resources from the end-user community to the IT administration staff.

Service Offerings

 Training Assessment Planning

 Server Administration Training

 Network Management & Configuration Training

 Network Optimization Training

 End-User Desktop & Software Orientation

 Custom Application & System Training

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